What is the Webring?

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What is a "Web Ring?"
On the World Wide Web, a "ring" is a group of pages on the same topic that reference one another. For instance, you might find a great page on fishing and at the bottom of that page there will be a link to another fishing page, and there another link, and so on. The Mavica WebRing does just that for Sony Mavica® sites on the web.

Does it cost anything?
No. There is no charge of any kind, aside from what your web space provider charges for your web space and maintenance already. This is a mutually beneficial relationship, not a money making scheme.

Who is in charge of this web page and web ring?
The Ring Master is WebRing. Our ring logo designer is Bob Hahn.

Who can get on the Mavica WebRing?
The Mavica WebRing is for any and all Sony Mavica®-related sites, usually showing Mavica pictures. You also must be willing and able to add a Mavica WebRing navigation cluster to your web page.