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Mavica WebRing History

     In the Fall of 1997, Scott Bell, Steve Fritz, Art Zemon, Charles Kayes and Tiago had been sharing their experiences with the Mavica and decided that a WebRing should be formed. These first five members were posted to the ring in the midnight hours of October 20-21, 1997, with five more members added by the end of October. Scott Bell was the first Ring Master of this ring.

     Additional sites were added (two November, two December), eight on January 13, seven on February 5. However, Scott was in his last year of Law School and the work load was heavy. One additional site was added in early March. In early April, Howard Albertson communicated to Scott that he would be willing to assist with the Ring Master work. Scott approved this transition and on April 11 this first-ever Mavica WebRing Home Page was born bringing the site count to 30 (two had become defunct.) This web page now allowed site owners to establish themselves in a queue for consideration for the ring and automated the process of distributing the HTML fragment for each site, ready to paste into the site web page.

     The then-current ring member sites were notified about the new home page and the change in management. This site was formally announced to web Mavicans on April 13 on the Mavica Information Exchange. Within a day, seven new sites were added. Within a week, another seven were included, bringing the total on April 20 to 44 with another one working on site modifications.

     On July 15, 1998, the 100th site was added to the Mavica WebRing. Our ring logo designer, Bob Hahn, made a commerative logo for the occasion. On December 25, the Mavica WebRing had our 200th site join the ring and Bob did another logo! May 26, 1999 saw the 300th site join the Mavica WebRing -- www.HappyBirthday.com -- where a viewer may send an eCard with their own Mavica picture featured in the card! Bob did another GREAT logo!